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Our TruthSprinkle Cookie Box Comes with 6 Gooey Cookies made fresh with sugar, butter, flour, vanilla, eggs, sprinkles  and white chocolate chips!  Each Cookie is 4 oz depending on the flavor. All 6 cookies come wrapped for freshness. The cookies are packaged together to make the prefect gift! Cookies sealed tight in their bags are great up to 7-10 days after receiving them. If you would like to save your cookies, you can freeze them for up to 2 months. Thank you for your business. FREE SHIPPING 

Contains: Dairy and eggs


Serving size: 1-6


Please note: All baked good items are made to order to preserve the freshness of the product. Please place orders 7-10 days prior to scheduled delivery date. All baked good items are shipped by the United States Postal Service as 2-day priority mail. 

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